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I'm that black girl, Ms. Bea Dixon and Target

Dear Ms. Bea Dixon,

I’m Gabby Goodwin, the inventor of GaBBY Bows, the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette and the CEO of Confidence.

I just read the article about you receiving backlash from your Target commercial and I was hurt. What you said was not racist at all. You were just trying to empower black girls, AND it was Black History Month. There was no need for the backlash.

As a 13 year old girl whose products just started being sold on and in some Target stores, I found your commercial very powerful and encouraging. Thank you so much for saying what you said!

I was invited to Target’s headquarters for the Black Owned Business Fair last week and to see your commercial there again, and the pictures of Mrs. Rochelle Graham of Alikay Naturals and Ms. Melissa Butler of Lip Bar really helped me see my dreams for my business are not too big.

And oh by the way, congratulations on doubling your sales behind the backlash! :)

Just keep pushing and know that you are already achieving your goal of empowering young black girls because I am one of them!

Find your Target store with GaBBY Bows or order online and leave a review.



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  • Dr. MJ Thompson-Kendall on

    As an educator of higher learning, I often find it challenging to impress upon people of color to follow their entrepreneurial dreams that will allow them to answer to no one as they control their own destiny. I was inspired to read your story and will use it as a lesson in my Diversity class. Got to go now, off to Target to shut the nay sayers down and help you increase your bottom line. Stay woke!

  • Lamar on

    Thanks for sharing your perspective Gabby!

  • Regina Parker on

    Ha Mrs Beatrice my name is Regina and I have an seven year old daughter I’m always getting her to follow me around when I have things going on for women’s I have a little side business I sell oils and purses, I have her also selling cupcakes Am so Thank full to go in stores to show my daughter we are smart to,We can be what ever we want to be I come from a small town so I’m always showing her yes you can do this we are more than just a mother,or just a wife,or just a coworker for some one else in my town that’s what you see Mrs Beatrice if there anyway that young girls can tour your company I would love to be a part of that movement to show what hard work and determination can or should I say will bring you Thanks

  • Shelley Covington on

    Shout out to Target for doing this! This is more of what our youth need to see. Target will always get my support!

  • Cherish Benton on

    I love the commercial! It’s inspiring to all women, regardless of race. #businesswomen

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