Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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I struggle with loving my hair too

Hi Everybody! Hi!!! 

I have a confession. I’m not always confident in my hair. In fact, my Mom and I had this discussion a few days ago because I thought my twist-out looked bad. I didn’t think it looked perfect, and sometimes you want your hair to look like others' online or around you, and that’s not always the case. She encouraged me to love my hair the way it is and to not compare myself to other people.

That’s what your girls have to have in their minds and ears at all times to make sure they love who they are no matter what. This is what our Confidence in my Hair Challenge is all about - empowering girls to make sure that they feel confident in their hair and in themselves.

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Mommy-Daughter Founders of Confidence and Inventors of GaBBY Bows Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin

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