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Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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19 Kid and Black-owned Business to support on Juneteenth

June 19, 2021, marks 156 years since the end of slavery in the United States. On Juneteenth, we celebrate freedom. There are several ways to support Juneteenth, you can find an event in your neighborhood, donate to organizations and charities, and you can support Black-owned businesses.

Support is a verb. Here are 19 kid and Black-owned brands you can support this Juneteenth. 

1. Beautiful Curly Me:

2. Go Bubbles Soap:

3. Frères Branchiaux Candle Co:

4. Zandra Beauty:

5. Angels and Tomboys:

6. Sanyu's World:

7. Tahlia's Creationz:

8. Alanna Noelle:

9. Shi LaChef:

10. Me & the Bees Lemonade:

11. Mo's Bows:

12. Shai's World:

13. Goddess Food Factory: 

14. Bailee's Nail Box:

15. T&N Bow Ties and Apparel:

16. Jewels of Jordan: jewelzfjordan

17. Sweet Christi's:

18. Mr. Cory’s Cookies:

19. Sienna Sauce:

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  • Sanyu Kalyesubula on

    Thank you so much for including Sanyu’s World on the list of mini-money makers.

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