Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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I'm that black girl, Ms. Bea Dixon and Target

Dear Ms. Bea Dixon,

I’m Gabby Goodwin, the inventor of GaBBY Bows, the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette and the CEO of Confidence.

I just read the article about you receiving backlash from your Target commercial and I was hurt. What you said was not racist at all. You were just trying to empower black girls, AND it was Black History Month. There was no need for the backlash.

As a 13 year old girl whose products just started being sold on and in some Target stores, I found your commercial very powerful and encouraging. Thank you so much for saying what you said!

I was invited to Target’s headquarters for the Black Owned Business Fair last week and to see your commercial there again, and the pictures of Mrs. Rochelle Graham of Alikay Naturals and Ms. Melissa Butler of Lip Bar really helped me see my dreams for my business are not too big.

And oh by the way, congratulations on doubling your sales behind the backlash! :)

Just keep pushing and know that you are already achieving your goal of empowering young black girls because I am one of them!

Find your Target store with GaBBY Bows or order online and leave a review.



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  • Diana Hines on

    For personal reasons I’ve worn a weave for years and i don’t shop at Target often, but I am going to go and buy products from both of you. I may not be able to use them myself but they will make good gits for my granddaughters.

  • Heather Ward on

    So happy to read this!! You both inspire so many. Congratulations.

  • Tereon Anderson on

    This is a beautiful letter. Mrs. Dixon is already leading by example. Congratulations to both of you! Empower on BGMs!!!

  • Rosemary Harris on

    The commercial was positive and empowering. Gabby, as a young entrepreneur it’s great for you to see other black “girls” making those major moves, knowing you can do the same. Kudos for supporting Bea Dixon. #BlackGirlsMagic

  • Afiya on

    That kind of encouragement and uplifting is needed throughout our communities… Thank you and continue to push forward. Blessings

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