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What REALLY happened with $200K surprise investment from Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King

Gabby Goodwin's mom's raw reaction after $200K surprise investment from Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King

Hi there, 

By now, you have probably heard that GaBBY received a $200,000 surprise investment from Gayle King and Marcus Lemonis during a 100 Percent podcast interview (click here to listen to the podcast if you haven't). We emailed you about this before it was shared in Black Enterprise, People Magazine and on so many other platforms.

What you don't know is what REALLY happened that day. Right after the podcast was recorded, I recorded my very raw emotions just for my reflections later, but I feel led to share it here to encourage some of you dreamers and parents of dreamers. I pray it encourages you.

Click here to watch my reaction.  


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