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2023 was Ghetto


I wasn't even going to do our usual video recap of highlights and accomplishments, but I got convicted this morning.

Despite the disappointments, metrics and KPIs indicating this was our most challenging year in business, there is still SO much to be grateful for!

I scrolled through our Instagram feed and was reminded we accomplished what really mattered.

Gabby had so much fun better blending her school, business, and personal life. She sacrificed dance years ago when the business required more of her time, but this year we encouraged her to pick that passion back up. She auditioned for and made her school's dance team, and participated in school musicals and dance showcases. The JOY on her face was priceless. She also competed and advanced to internationals in Orlando with DECA, played powder puff football and got inducted to the National Honor Society.

Traveling, speaking, and meeting our supporters are Gabby's favorite aspects of the business and she did that before thousands - literally 1,000 adults at a business conference in Atlanta and 1,000 5th graders at a county wide assembly in Orangeburg. She didn't travel as much as she was requested because we wanted to make sure she was home for dance and school to continue excelling in her five AP classes, but each trip was special. Her little brother even got to travel with her to Saginaw.

Our family set a humongous 2-3-year business goal for Confidence that required some very difficult decisions for our focus to achieve it. Prayer has helped me visualize our company currently being pulled back in a larger-than-life sling shot. A lot happened behind the curtains this year (licensing deals, recordings). When God releases us and the curtains open, you will have a front row seat and He will get all the glory.     

    As you are reflecting on 2023, you may share some of my initial unpleasant thoughts about it, but I do hope you too will think again through the lens of gratitude.

    Cheers to Your Best Year Yet!


    P.S. And here's that video recap I didn't want to do.

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    • Vontoba Terry on

      Thank you for sharing this! 2023 was challenging for us also, but we have so much to be grateful for, because it turned around as we closed the year!

    • Michelle on

      I am so very proud of all your accomplishments, your personality, your professionalism and your very humble spirit. May the Lord continue to bless and provide continuous blessings to you and your family. Parents you’re doing amazing job with princess Gabby!💜

    • Jennifer Reynolds on

      Rozalynn, thanks for sharing. There are times when we are disappointed in where we are, compared to where we think we should be. As I read your newsletter, I am so godly proud of Gabby and all of her accomplishments. You (both of you) truly are an inspiration to me. Continue to trust God and He will direct your path. God’s blessings 🙏🏾 💕

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