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Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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How we spent my late BFF's birthday

You (and every member of the Confidence Family) are amazing, rozalynn.

Your encouragement and prayers were greatly appreciated as we faced the first birthday of my best friend of 37 years, classmate, maid of honor and GaBBY and Michael's godmother without her physical presence. In case this is the first email you have read about Tameka, I found her dead in her home from COVID on January 7th and have been working to properly grieve and heal from the experience and share my journey.

I mentioned that we may go to the spot we celebrated all her birthdays, Texas Roadhouse. Thank you for your advice to not push or rush myself. I would have been an emotional wreck looking across the booth at an empty seat.

Instead, I called and cried and prayed with her mom, went through pictures of her 30th, 35th and 40th birthday dinners, laughed and cried some more watching videos of her, told everyone I loved them and hugged my children tighter. I did muster the strength to buy a Happy Birthday balloon, go to her home and tie the balloon's ribbon on her mailbox. Only her neighbors saw it, but I wanted others to know how special the day and she was to us.

March 25th was better than I expected. Ten days after that though was what my support group Griefshare calls an ambush and one of the worst days of grief I have experienced since finding her.

Zig Ziglar once said, "If there were no love, there'd be no grief." My BFF was and will always be greatly loved.


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  • Brittany A Jackson on

    Sending light and love. Grief is our biggest display of the love we had for someone. I pray peace in your journey to healing and the reminders of her aren’t overwhelmed by it over time. As a single mother my greatest fear is something happening to me at home and my daughter being here alone. .

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