Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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Get out the way

GaBBY Bows Gabby Goodwin

Welcome to the first of my behind-the-scenes series on parenting! I'll be sharing the ups and downs in our journey to make our children's dreams realities.

Last night, GaBBY and I hosted our annual virtual Vision Board Party with the Girl Bosses and moms in our Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy. It was a great time of bonding and fun!

Our Girl Bosses have HUGE goals and remind me so much of GaBBY when she was five years old insisting we create a barrette that would stay in her hair and seven years old launching her own business with the GaBBY Bows she pushed us to invent.

Because I wasn't exposed to thinking big growing up, I was intimidated by my little girl's dreams. I was so scared I'd fail in my attempts to help her that I thought it would be easier to not try. I'm so glad I got over myself and got out of my and her way nine years ago.

GaBBY shared another HUMONGOUS goal with me last year that put me right back in that place of fear though. This is the first time I'm publicly acknowledging that fear of failing her immobilized me several months. I apologized to GaBBY for this the other day and promised I'd do all I could to help her achieve this goal if she put in the necessary work.

Unlike us, our children are blessed with pure and uncontaminated belief. They are also blessed with more resilience than we realize.

When we help them shoot for the stars, we nurture their confidence. Even when they fall short, that confidence empowers them to get up and try again.

Are you in your own way or your child's way? This first week of a new year of possibilities is a great time to decide to get out the way.


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