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Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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From the Desk of Mommy: HELP!

I was overwhelmed by the love and care expressed in the stories, prayers and words of advice you and others gave me after I shared I discovered my best friend of 37 years, maid of honor, classmate and Gabby and Michael's godmother dead in her home due to COVID. With support from family and friends like you, counseling and faith-based grief support, we will get through this and fulfil the purpose behind this pain.

I was booked months ago to speak at a business conference this past Saturday. I wanted to back out SO badly. I knew I would struggle to gather my words and likely cry, but I pushed through like I teach Gabby and Michael to. I made myself vulnerable and shared what was going on, and guess what? My transparency freed others to do what many of us don't do enough: 

Ask for HELP.

There will be many lessons from this trial, but one major lesson is my need to humble myself to ask for and accept more help. Asking for and accepting help is a sign of true strength and wisdom. We were not created to do life alone or as "all one." We were created as interdependent beings. Whoever made us think needing help was an indicator of personal weakness and inadequacy with ALL the demands we have is a lying jive turkey :).

I've been asking everyone around me for more help today and it has been empowering. I believe people are sent in our lives to help us with our life's purpose, but they are only activated by our invitation.

I encourage you to open your eyes and heart to help this week. You'll be surprised who has been waiting to help you. 


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  • Debbie Wright on

    Rosalyn again you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers to lose someone so unexpectedly is very disheartening. God will continue to give you strength in your most difficult times.

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