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My BFF would be 44 Thursday

Real talk. I've been dreading this week.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers since I found my best friend of 37 years, classmate, maid of honor and GaBBY and Michael's godmother dead in her home from COVID January 7. Her completely unexpected death rocked us to the core, but we know it has been our faith and the support and love of family like you that has kept us.

Every March 25 or within days following, the kids and I would take Godmommy Meka to Texas Roundhouse. It was our spot. It was loud and so were we! We'd stay for hours laughing, cutting and catching up.

I thought about still going, but now I think that's overly ambitious. The thought of sitting at a booth and her not sitting across from me seems unbearable right now. My grief support group is also helping me realize I don't need to rush into anything like this. I have taken the day off from work so I can not feel pressured to do anything but cry and reflect if that's what I feel like doing Thursday.

How did you deal with your first milestones or holidays after the loss of a loved one?


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  • Nehanda on

    Standing with you in love and support. My father and brother transitioned within 3 years of each other. Time will eventually create a bit of breathing space in the grief. For me, the milestones was and are too painful. Instead I acknowledge and honor them in small ways throughout and choose not to focus on the milestone/holidays as the added emphasis brings up the pain of the loss rather than celebration. I pray you move through this time with peace. ❤

  • Lekensha on

    I can relate. But you and the children should continue the tradition. Print out a picture of you all together (if you have one from Texas Roadhouse, that would be perfect), frame it and set her a place setting as well. She would want to still be remembered on her special day. Yes, grieve in what suits toy best but I’m sure, she’d want you on your A1 that day.
    You can even create a memorial book from this birthday forward. It can be a keepsake.
    Love you my sister and I am praying for your strength.
    Lekensha (Kym)

  • Markita Gordon on

    I celebrated my grandparents each year when it came to birthdays all but one of my grandparents share March with me so in honor I have pictures of them and light a candle in honor or we release balloons

  • Alyssa Osubu on

    So sorry for your loss. Wow it made me think of the thought of losing my best friend so I can only imagine. I mean my best friend is my best friend.. there are no other best friends so I understand the closeness of the Godmother roll is bc that’s who we are to each other’s children. God will be with you even if you don’t seek him. But He will definitely be your source of strength when you go looking for it! Praying for you and your family! Maybe write down memories so you and gabby can look back at them?

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