Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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WAIT! That little girl dancing in the red dress on Funderdome looks like Gabby!

Let's go ahead and address the elephant in the room.

Yes, you did see us in the introduction and promotional videos for Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC.

But no, you won't see us on the show this season.

Unfortunately, our segment was not chosen to air and we honestly don't know if it ever will. We were as surprised as you were to see us in the show videos. GaBBY and I figured our recording and not making it on the show would be our little, big secret.

GaBBY and I worked so very hard to get on the show and did our best, so naturally we're disappointed. But the messages we have received from supporters congratulating us after seeing the videos, and then encouraging us after finding out our segment won't air has reminded us of what really matters.

You and your support really matter. Regardless of the stages we hit and what networks decide, you have always believed in GaBBY's dream.

As GaBBY often says, "NO just means Next Opportunity." This is just another chance to walk it out.

If you'd like to encourage her more, leave a comment below. GaBBY is reading every kind post, and it's helping ease the pressure when people ask her about the show.

To thank you for your support, we're paying for your shipping on all orders today. Just use code WHATMATTERS at

With gratitude.
Rozalynn and GaBBY

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