Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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How to determine your girls' hair porosity

Hair porosity has been the topic of discussion over the last few weeks, and while many people understand hair porosity and how to determine their child's hair porosity, there are still others who need a bit more understanding, so we hope this helps!

Understanding hair porosity is important when it comes to caring for your Sweet Pea's hair.

So what is hair porosity? Hair porosity refers to her hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. There are three categories: low, normal, or high porosity. First, we will explain low porosity hair.

1. Low porosity hair resists moisture due to the hair pores being so tightly closed. Moisture has a hard time penetrating the hair shaft.  The good thing is once moisture is sealed in properly, her hair will hold moisture for days. 

2. High porosity hair quickly absorbs moisture, but it loses it just as quickly as it is absorbed. 

3. Normal porosity hair accepts moisture easily and retains it. Normal porosity hair requires much less maintenance as it can hold styles for a good amount of time. 

Now that we understand hair porosity, here is a way you can determine your Sweet Pea's hair porosity.

1. Fill a small glass with water

2. Comb through her hair gently and look for any hair that sheds. 

3. Take a strand from the comb and place it inside the glass of water then watch what happens (see graphic below) 

A few tips once you've determined her hair porosity: 

1. Low - apply products to the hair while it is wet

2. High - using a leave-in conditioner is key

3. Normal - use minimal heat or none at all and deep condition regularly

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