Hair barrettes that stay put for days

Hair barrettes that stay put for days

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Tips for Protecting Her Crown this Summer

Summer = FUN 🌞 However, your Sweet Pea's hair may think otherwise if it isn't protected. Here are a few tips (some new, some old) you can follow to protect her crown this Summer!

1. The sun’s UV radiation can quickly damage her hair if she is outside for long. It can also burn her scalp and even discolor her hair. Use a leave-in conditioner with SPF to protect her hair and scalp. If she’ll be outside for an extended period of time, cover her hair with a hat. 👒

2. Make the Summer heat-free! Consider not blow drying or straightening for a few months. 🚫

3. Use lighter products in the Summer and less of them.

4. You might need to shampoo her hair more often than normal if she swims, bikes, or does any outdoor activities that increase sweat. If you need to shampoo more than once a week, use a co-wash on some days.

5. Coat her hair with oil prior to swimming. This limits the amount of chlorine or saltwater her hair will absorb. 🏊🏿‍♀️

6. Use a moisturizer every day, or try the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method to keep her hair from drying out throughout the day.

7. Deep condition at least every two weeks, and try doing it more often if her hair seems to be drying out too quickly.

8. Make sure she drinks lots of water. 💦

We hope that with these simple tips, she (and her hair) enjoy all that Summer brings. 👑

What are some of your favorite Summer hair tips/hacks? Share them in our Girls Natural Hair Community HERE

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