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Let children cry

Raise your hand if you have heard this advice before.

I remember hearing it when Gabby was a baby and we were trying to get her to sleep in her crib and not in the bed with us. I was a first-time mom and thought it was cruel until I realized I was being played by my brilliant bundle of joy and crocodile tears. She knew if she cried enough, she would get prime real estate in our bed. 

I had to realize that as her parent, it was my responsibility to parent and discipline her to sleep independently. This responsibility is ongoing and determines how resilient our children are.

People are raving about Gabby's BET interview of the legendary Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter and one of their key takeaways is Gabby's perspective on the word "N.O." You've got to watch the interview with the young people in your life if you haven't already. 

Mike and I have been deliberate about exposing Gabby to competition, rejection and resistance. It has helped make her the confident and resilient kidpreneur you see today. I had the same hesitations letting her cry in her crib when she competed in pitch competitions in front of live audiences with hundreds of strangers, but I had to swallow hard and remind myself the outcome (win or lose, tears or joy) would be worth it in the end.

Don't be afraid to allow your children to experience rejection or loss. They are stronger than you think.

I have even learned they are stronger than we are in many instances. Has that been your experience?


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  • Semone on

    I had to come back and read this again. I am reminded that “this to shall pass”. A lot of times it hurts your heart that your baby/ child is crying, but we have to assess and see why they are crying. Some kids it doesn’t take long for them to figure things out by themselves. Others want mom and dad to be their saving grace, but we have to encourage them they can do it and how much better they will feel when they have successfully accomplished something. Thanks for this post. Again I’ll remember that “this won’t last always” and “this too shall pass”.

  • Ida Harrison on

    I do agree with you. Learning comes from the experience of successes and failures.

  • Ashmond on

    O wow needed this thank u

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