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Let's go! YOU GOT THIS!💪🏽

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Hi Family!

We are already half way through the year! There has been so much to be grateful for this half of the year and it is all because of you, so THANK YOU!!!!!!

Today, I am going to review what has happened this first half and encourage y’all to finish the year strong.

Being on The Harry Show was amazing. I got to meet four amazing kidpreneurs, I got to explore New York City, and I also won $5,000! What I learned from that was to be a good sport, be yourself, and PRACTICE!

Winning the 2018 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year Award was an honor too. Black Enterprise hosted another great conference and I also got to meet other kidpreneurs who were finalists.

I was a finalist for the same award last year and didn’t win, but I came back and won this year! So, what I learned from that experience was to NEVER give up!

These were the major events that happened this half and I know there is going to be much more this second half.

You got this! Let’s finish this year out as awesome as we planned to. Keep persevering, working hard and you will do great!

And always know I am always going to support each and every one of you! P.S. You can watch me on The Harry Show and a story on WIS TV about the Teenpreneur of the Year Award by clicking on those links at

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