The Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette
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The barrettes held the ends of my daughter's twists all day, including an outside day at school, nap time, car rides and a trip to Monkey Joes! I think the product is absolutely fabulous and a solution to so many frustrated moms.
~ Adrianne
The verdict is in - The Fro Show household LOVES LOVES LOVES The Double Face Double Snap Barrette by GaBBY!!! FINALLY something that won't damage her ends, is cute and is easy on/easy off! Oh, and did I mention that Gabby herself writes adorable little thank you notes with each order? Go order them now!
~ The Fro Show
No more lost barrettes!! The double face double snap is no joke. The twins had a total of 15 in and didn't lose 1 in 3 days! I need these in every color! Had to share the news!
~Four Natural Girls
A-MAZ-ING. That's it. I could share how it has been three days and not one barrette has fallen out of my daughter's hair. I could also share how she has taken her bike helmet on and off and the barrettes still stayed in place. I could...but I am not...tell you about today's community pool party in which she danced, played, jumped, and splashed in the pool for hours - every barrette still in place. These barrettes are nothing short of amazing!
We love our Gabby bows! Great quality and my baby can not pull them out of her hair. Would recommend to anyone!
~ Megan
Love them and love NOT finding them on the floor, in the car, and in the bed!