GaBBY Bows and Plant-Based Styling Products
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All GaBBY Bows (115) and Hair Products Bundle

$ 143.00 $ 174.77

Style her hair with ease and get 115 GaBBY Bows guaranteed to not fall out in all the colors of all the designs (pink, red, purple, hot pink, white, turquoise, black, clear, orange, yellow, green, dark blue and violet) in this bundle!

Bring joy back to wash day! Reduce detangling and style touch-up time and tears, maintain her hair and scalp moisture and style for days with our plant based products.

* Purchase is per bundle of one Replenishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Detangling and Conditioning Milk, Scalp Pomade, Moisturizing Style Cream and Revitalizing Spray, along with 115 barrettes 

* Pomade is 4 oz

* All other hair products are 8 oz

* Seven of the barrette packs include five (5) barrettes and eight packs include 10


NOTE: Orange Cream Scented Scalp Pomade is temporarily on back order, so Unscented Scalp Pomade will be substituted unless requested otherwise.

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