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Threatened by my Success

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I hope you all are being safe during this time. Today, I am going to talk about the issues going on right now and share some encouragement.

As I am sure everybody has seen, there have been lots of protests all over the world, especially in Minneapolis, for the murder of George Floyd. To just see Ahmaud Arbery’s story, and then to see the video of a White police officer’s knee on a Black man’s neck suffocating him was very heart breaking.

I also just finished reading Letter from the Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I learned about the Black Wall Street bombing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These two things relate to what is going on right now.

The letter talks about peaceful protests and how they were able to work, but now the action going on seems to be the only way Black people will be heard these days.

When Black people were being successful and running the Greenwood community, there were White people who knew that if those Black people grew in success, they would lose their power over them.

When I grow in success, I don’t want others to feel threatened by it. I will use my success in good ways.

Just know that if we keep pushing and fighting for our equality, this injustice will pass. Talk to your friends and family members about this, especially people who are not Black and let’s gain freedom together.

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  • Asani Gerald on

    Good post Gabby I too have been learning about systematic racism and about black wallstreet etc…. I also feel the same way I dont want them to feel threatened by my success and we all have to Unite and work together to overcome this. I am tired of hearing bad news about our people being murdered. Praying to God for change and to heal our land! Great post!

  • Sandra Genandt on

    My heart is hurting for the black community and I pray that someday all this unrest can make a change. We are all God’s people and should be treated as that and I will raise my daughter to treat people with the same respect I was raised. We will never stop fighting for equality.

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